Alan Larus

  How could I try to capture more than two
Using them as a mere device
Telling about a sun on the rise
How lines of gold edge the shades                                         
In this realm where darkness fades
How could I think I can’t get stung
Still I won’t run, I’m on my knees
They all surround me like a swarm of bees
A dance of ecstasy where nectar drips
A taste of honey’s on my lips.
How could I claim or keep just one
Some jointly bound, some all alone
They merge into a single tone
Ringing in my ears, a golden bell
Dispelling darkness to the depths of hell
How could I live without your name
When found
It was just like any sound
When exposed
In every Word it was enclosed
How could I earn the merit
to know this truth
Even for a day