Rachel Dacus

Ghazal of White

Flare of apple scent, ancient caress. A wind arose within
and silently called me home to the White
    Rose within.

Silence is music’s white heart. Through its blaze pass all sounds,
returning to the Beloved’s gaze
    that grows within.

Sunlight animates cell and eye, but cannot match
the gold that leaped from His touch and
    now glows within.

I’m after the whiteness that winnows essence from pith,
a mysterious wind of love
    that blows within.

Give up your white lies. We are fish in an ocean of God.
Why whisper, when every thought
    He knows within?

White music emerges from His word. Its timbre
strikes my heart awake after its age-old
    doze within.

Rose of Silence, You are the fulcrum of absence
and fullness, the perfect balance one rarely
    knows within.

White blossom, your offering is a divine hint
of the flowering that, petal by petal,
    unfolds within.

Seeker, bleach your veils. Unthread your wishes and put your hand
in God’s. As desire dies, its gold marrow
    is disclosed within.

[First published in Many Mountains Moving]

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