Leopoldo D’onofrio

Leopoldo D’onofrio

Given the Code

There’s a thread
in my head,
And it won’t go away,

It was there,  
but unaware,
it was a new day,

When it all changed,
I became who I am,

I didn’t know,
What to show,
Blocked like a dam

Was it pain,
or maybe rain,
was it anger or truth,
to find a place
join the race
the power of youth

Took my time
learned a sign
in a common peace
still upset
never forget
will the fires cease

Found a home
gas and chrome
paid my dues

Changed the tune
Sun and Moon
Six pairs of shoes

At this age
gone the rage
sense a new page

Now as a thread to a string

Time will tell
If it went well
Like the circle of a ring.

By: Leopold D’onofrio © 2002

Born in Brooklyn New York – live the first part of my life (for 28 years) in Suffolk County on Long Island – Lived in Huntington Township in East Northport, N.Y Raised by wolves…(Italian) Edgar Allen Poe was my thrust into poetry at age 13 – I haven’t looked back. (visited his house in Richmond Va and went to see his room at UVA in Charlottesville. Chilling
Also use to visit Walt Whitman’s home in Huntington where I lived…unbelievable. Studied under – Gray Burr – contemporary American poet – David Wand (Wang) San Francisco Beat Poet and anthologist of many Chinese poets as well as the writings of Ezra Pound and other. Learned and shared from so many other living contemporary poets and friends that just the thought of all of those touched me in the written word – I offer great homage to and love.