Zarqua Jamil

 The Flower: heart of my love

The Scent of your heart’s flower, MY LOVE

Is such that its Fragrance reaches me

Through the endless paths of life.

Alas, the only string that binds,


When will the paths come to an end, if not today?

Why need I weep

When I am always with you, my love?

Realms of dreams and gentle hearts,

My mind a secret paradise.

The Rose

The Rose is naught compared to Thy modesty

Far more delicate are Thee in the distance

When Thou doeth pass

The Rose too lowers her gaze

Lest upon Thee a blemish form

I, be the humble rose before Thee, Blessed Angel.

Summer Sun

Thou art as though the summer sun

Which greets the day whilst burning bright

Thy presence commands the birds to sing

As thou smile away the night.

Stars do fade before Thy glory

Before Thy light the moon too draws her veil

For none is as fair as Thee.

The Sun: host of my love

The Burning Candle of your presence, my love

Is such that its light reaches me

Through the army of hours

That forms a bridge to join us.

Do you rest upon the sun, my love?

The illumination of your love lights my life,

Rising with the sun by day,

Holding me safe in every way.

Entering my soul,

With the gentle veil of nightfall

Your soft embrace is the warmth

Riding upon the rays of your host.

Come home to my waiting soul,

Kind soul mate.

Seated upon the rays of my calling heart.


All Poems by:  Zarqua Jamil