Dr. Saibal Bishwas

On The Shores of Time

The distant horizon across,
silent ocean and the lost waves,
all suddenly stood still…
trying to find their own identities,
if at all they are an entity.

In this moment of self-search
the sun tried to enlighten them
only to become a part of the great stillness.

Who am I?
where do I come from?
where am I going?
The questions shattered their minds
no answer for queries so divine.

Then realisation dawned
that they all exist,
in harmony and rhyme,
playing as ONE…
on the shores of time.


I am currently a cardiovascular scientist
with the University of Edinburgh medical school.
I am from India, and work there as a senior lecture in
Biochemistry,at Nagpur(Maharashtra state).
I keep deep interest in the search for who am I?