Looking Back

Roy Austin


Hidden well behind the eyes
Mystery in deepest black,
What you do not know you see
In the mirror looking back.

Feel your pulse to count you here,
Catch the daydream on your face,
Everyone is somewhere else
Somewhere in that inner space.

Vacancy is what you are,
Omnipresent like the air,
You resolve my universe
Sitting in your rocking-chair.

                            Roy Austin


Scattering the bones of thought
Looking for a sign,
Man is God’s forgetfulness
As the sun is wine.

As that blue sky to the eye
Dissolves my vision,
Divine amnesia-like clouds
Shroud  my oblivion.

                          Roy Austin..  From  Mystic seed

Brief bio
Roy Austin is a man in his sixties who has read 20th century sages and found insight
From teachings which form, for the most part, the life of his poetry.
He currently has a book being published of some 130 poems which hint at
Such paradigms and understandings and from which Looking Back is taken.
Roy is from Dorset in the U.K

www. mysticseed.com