Dimitris P.Kraniotis

dimitrisDimitris P. Kraniotis is an award-winning international poet and the author of 3 poetry books: “Traces” (1985), “Clay Faces” (1992)& “Fictitious Line” (2005). He was born in 1966 in Stomio, a coastal town in central Greece. He studied at the Medical School in Thessaloniki. He lives and works as a medical doctor specialized pathologist in Larissa, Greece. He is President of World Poets Society (W.P.S), Editor & Director of 3 online poetic libraries (“Greek Poet”, “International Poet”, “Hellenic Words”), Editorial Director of the medical magazine “Hippocrates” and a Member of the Board of Directors of the Larissa Medical Association and Larissa Medical Society. He is a Member of the Hellenic Literary Society, International Society of Greek Writers, World Academy of Arts and Culture (W.A.A.C.), International Writers and Artists Association (I.W.A.), United Poets Laureate International (U.P.L.I.), Union Mondiale des Ecrivains Medecins (U.M.E.M.), International Society of Poets (I.S.P.), Poetry Society of America (P.S.A.) and Academy of American Poets. His poems have been published in U.S.A., Great Britain, India, Algeria, Korea, Brazil, France, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Belgium & South Africa.

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