A Fairy’s Christmas

A Fairy’s Christmas

                    And so it was on Christmas day

                         So very long ago

                             That once again the star appeared

                                   That had been lost below.

                    For black shadows had driven it

                         Far behind the moon

                              And no one knew, save one,

                                   What made it reappear.

                     I’ll tell you the story

                         During the midnight hour

                              When one is close to dreams

                                    And angels hover at the edge

                                         Whispering possibilities.

                    For thus it was told to me, my friend,

                         During the bewitching hour

                               When light turns into dark

                                     And fairies rule the world.

                    It was on the eve of snowflake skies

                         And dancing in the woods

                                That wee ones saw the little babe

                                      Swaddled and sleeping in snow.

                    Such innocence sleep can’t deny

                         And as if in reply to holy child

                              Wee ones danced around the babe

                                    Guarding the child from eyes of prey.

                    And as they danced they built a fire

                         To protect the babe from winter’s fury

                              Little one did not wake nor did he cry

                                   But slept on through the night.

                    And dance they did as fire flamed big

                         Until the child’s eyes opened in wonder

                              To behold the light

                                    In silvery night

                                          The wee ones danced around.

                    And the pixie brought milk

                         From the unicorn’s horn

                              For babe to suckle upon

                                  They loved child

                                       With tender smile

                                             As one of their very own.

                    At daybreak wee ones put out the fire

                           Fairy folk were careful to hide

                               Trace of their abode

                                    For prying eyes might discover

                                         Little child

                                              Without a mother.

                    And so at dawn

                         Before shadows grew long

                               Alabaster star

                                    Guiding ever

                                         Brought from the East

                                              Kings bearing gifts,

                    To worship sublime

                           The king for all time

                                 Lying as little babe

                                         In the snow.

                    The wise man foretold

                         Evil one coming

                              As snake in the night

                                   On venomous journey

                                        Seeking to destroy

                                             The innocent one.

                    Then wee ones at nightfall

                         Circled more frenzied

                              Around growing pyre

                                   Unleashing fury

                                         At evil one’s desire.

                    And what was decided

                          Was to remain united

                                Seeking to protect

                                     Babe in the woods.

                    Star must be dimmed

                         No light therein

                               So evil one would

                                    Wander as lost.

                    And so they together

                         Wee ones, pixies, fairies

                              Strong magical force

                                   Coalesced into one,

                    Shot as an arrow

                         Into the heavens

                              Eclipsing babe’s

                                   Celestial sun.

                    ‘Twas the fairies that shaded

                         The light so emblazoned

                              From the gaze

                                   Of the evil one.

                    No illumination to be followed

                         Evil king’s cries became hollow

                              So child slept on

                                   In the snow.

                          And still child is sleeping,

                              Still child is sleeping.

                    Evil one still wanders

                         Seeking light yonder

                              Blind to the light

                                   Above and below.

                    So wee folks returned

                         At cold one’s time

                               To earthling’s known

                                    As Christmastime.

                    With love returned

                         Radiant star light

                              And this, my friend,

                                   In the night,

                    Was told to me

                         By the one who knew

                               The star that was dimmed

                                    Again shone free.

                    The grace of the evergreen

                         Imbued with light

                              A song sung

                                    In the night,

                    Of one little babe

                         In swaddling clothes

                              Child of light

                                    Asleep in the snow.