The Emptying of the Summer

                                                   The emptying of the summer

                                                             and the wind is blowing strong,

                                                  And the last hours of the sun

                                                             will soon be lost and gone,

                                                    And the days of gentle blowing

                                                             and the night sieve of sand,

                                                    Blown softly to the heavens

                                                             leaving nothing in the hand,

                                                   As lips seal an envelope

                                                             the completion of a thought,

                                                   Written down, signed and sealed,

                                                             and then forever dropped,

                                                   So the scent of salted water

                                                              is eclipsed by the air,

                                                   Summer’s visage softens

                                                              and the magic disappears.

                                                                                      s.k. lindeman