To Dream a Thousand Dreams

                            Not afraid to dream

                                     when shadows fall at night,

                                             when there is only darkness,

                                                   not a crack of light.

                            Not afraid to dream

                                      when no one at all

                                                notices your bloodied heart

                                                           splattered all around.

                          Not afraid to dream

                                  when locked up in a cage,

                                         only bars are visible

                                                and the water is getting low.

                           Not afraid to dream

                                  when the world says no more,

                                         when roads converge

                                                 on one spot, going nowhere.

                           To dream is to fly to scale

                                         unscaled heights,

                           To dream is to hold your head high

                                         and never look back,

                           To dream is to love without knowing

                                         where you’re going,

                           To dream is to dream a thousand dreams

                                         and to never stop dreaming. 

                                                                    s.k. lindeman