Far, Far Away

                                            Just for today,

                                                      go far, far away

                                                              to the kingdom beyond,

                                           Where green grey grows

                                                       down, deep

                                                             in the ground,

                                        Where seabreezes

                                                       blow breathless,

                                                            swirling swordfish

                                                                   sail on,

                                        Where the isle

                                                   of Camelot is seen

                                                           in the dawn,

                                        While the rabbit

                                                  runs wild, past the child

                                                          “Be late, be seen”

                                      ‘Tis not just a dream

                                                  Neverland is near

                                                            and the unicorn

                                                                     runs free.

                                                                                s.k. lindeman