Curie Point

                                                          Let me fly with the wind

                                                                  let me cry with the sea

                                                         as the wings o’ertake me

                                                                  let me strive to be free.

                                                         Let me burn with the candle

                                                                 let me ache with a tree

                                                        as the fire o’ertakes me

                                                                let me strive to be free.

                                                       Miles covered and forgotten

                                                                 dreams remembered and then gone

                                                       thoughts thought, never spoken

                                                                 shadows glimpsed from beyond,

                                                        All points make the circle

                                                                   the circumference is One

                                                        eternal in motion

                                                                   transmuted into love.

                                                                                    s.k. lindeman