Let Us Go to the Ocean, You and I

                                   Let us go to the ocean, you and I,

                                            Sit among shadows and taste pomegranate skies,

                                   Savoring blue that bludgeons past life’s sigh,

                                            Eternities that quiver at the child’s cry,

                                  Winds that dissolve the still sounds of the sea,

                                            The sea shell’s ear harboring

                                  The honeyed voice of the breeze,

                                            The taunt of the sea foam

                                  To the lone rider of the sea,

                                           “Ride swiftly to catch seahorse

                                   But you will never catch me,

                                             Until night pounds day

                                   With the heavy fist of dreams

                                             And the dream that’s been captured

                                   Is the dream that runs free”

                                             And the cherub’s voice sings softly

                                  Of sea castles and foam,

                                            Blown across oceans

                                  By the One who is known,

                                           In the night, eclipsed by the day,

                                  By the sea, and the laughter,

                                           And the bees humming at dawn.