Etched upon my soul

                                          I had a dream the other night

                                                 of what, I knew not what,

                                          until I reached a point in day

                                                 that matched the incident,

                                          a tale so terrifying and cruel

                                                 I woke up drenched in sweat,

                                          but wondered what had bothered so

                                                 when finally I did wake,

                                         it was early, early morn

                                               when a vision came to me,

                                        of panting and escaping

                                               and of comraderie,

                                        a friend I had, I met before

                                               and fast friends we  became,

                                        by what I knew not why nor how

                                               for we had barely met,

                                         still amazing most to me was love

                                               I felt like none I had before,

                                         I knew him and he knew me

                                               yet not by earthly hours,

                                        only time spent immemorial

                                               on some far distant shore,

                                        and as we spoke of light

                                               and love and laughter in the air,

                                        the terror came of  being chased

                                               by some large, ominous being,

                                        some incredible dark force

                                               that permeated the light,

                                        and cast shadows on the soul,

                                               with beating hearts we ran so fast,

                                        while beating wings came down

                                               and beaks pecked cheeks, eyes and ears,

                                        our bodies could scarce be found,

                                              bloodied mass we’d become,

                                        unrecognizable but for the intertwining

                                               of our souls in the firmament.

                                        I’ve often wondered if ’twere a dream

                                              but then I’ve dreamt  before,

                                       your silent screams, the love I felt

                                              remain etched upon my soul,

                                        and as I’ve looked I see

                                               not two but one body,

                                        distantly, so distantly

                                               shining in the heavens.

                                                                           s.k. lindeman