Sirius’ Song

Sirius’ Song

          Darkened twig entangling sky,

                  cracked as whip, winter’s demise,

                        starkly struts unbending limb,

                             cracks and breaks in brittle wind.

          Black etched darkness engraved in sky,

               traced in magic darkness flies,

                    beyond light’s grasp, alchemy of wind,

                             horse and rider ride again.

          Rooted roots where darkness lies,

               deep within earth’s sunken trove,

                         can elements destroy the lair

                              of the fairy travelling there?

          Night’s eye calling, vision’s veil,

               release magic in the air,

                    sparrow sleeps so silently then,

                         waiting for whispers to begin.

          Softly sung the song sounds dim,

               distantly awakening one who’s heard,

                    softened sounds of Sirius’ song,

                         awakening earth to summer’s dawn.

                                                         s. k. lindeman