Let’s Close the Door

Let’s Close the Door

                                                             Let’s close the door

                                                                       so quietly then

                                                             with not a sound

                                                                       let’s begin

                                                             the quiet walk

                                                                         with sodden stare

                                                              where will we go

                                                                         will you be there

                                                               the silence is

                                                                         so stifling now

                                                                can you at least

                                                                        make a sigh

                                                                 but bells have long

                                                                        since strangulated


                                                                vibration stilled

                                                                        will you be gone

                                                                 so door made out

                                                                         of wood or stone

                                                                 the air oppressed

                                                                         can you breathe

                                                                 the heavy language

                                                                         of the breeze

                                                                is stifled behind

                                                                         this leaden tomb

                                                                let’s push hard

                                                                          perhaps we’ll wake

                                                               but force won’t open

                                                                          we can’t break

                                                               doors that have

                                                                           been closed before

                                                                human strength,

                                                                          the push, the pull

                                                                 behind this door

                                                                          is null and void.

                                                                                         s.k. lindeman