Footprints of the Soul

                                        Some want to be remembered

                                                 for all their earthly stay

                                        To be thought of with fondness

                                                and revered along the way

                                        To create some pyramid of being

                                                 that lasts throughout Earth’s days

                                        And at dusk to be remembered,

                                                  to be emulated, to be praised.

                                         Others live as if they haven’t lived

                                                  or loved or laughed or cried

                                       Others live as if there were no journey

                                                  proceeding the earthly ride

                                        Others live to leave no trace

                                                   it’s erasure that they seek

                                        To live and love and then be gone

                                                   forgotten and at peace.

                                         One question remains for 

                                                  young one, poor, rich one,  old,

                                         As the winds in the desert erase

                                                  the footprints of sand

                                         Do the winds of a life erase

                                                 the footprints of the soul?

                                                                             S.K. Lindeman