The Mermaid’s Song

The Mermaid’s Song

                                          “Teach me to hear mermaids singing”

                                                                                John Donne

                                               Faintly sounds the Siren’s song

                                                      Heard by one, then is gone

                                               Mermaid returns through frozen sea

                                                      To liquid vortex to be free.

                                               Do you know and shall we go

                                                      To fluid vortex of the soul?

                                               Perhaps we shall, perhaps we’ll wait

                                                      Perhaps we’ll share a different fate.

                                              Where is here and here is gone

                                                      Up no matter, down beyond

                                               Voices heard but seldom found

                                                      Teach me to hear the mermaid’s song.

                                                                                       S.K. Lindeman