The Fairy Flies Alone

                            A fairy in the valley

                                     A blossom in the air

                            Floats on the mist of morning

                                     As a note floats on a song

                            Chasing whispers in the woodlands

                                     Quiet moments near still pools

                            Wild whirlpools folding inward

                                      Upon eddying dreams of gold

                            So the firefly speaks of magic

                                      Voices soften, distilled to stone,

                            Darkness quivers, arrows soften

                                      Dripping lotus blossom blooms

                           Upon emerald leaf,  so tender,

                                     While eternal water looms 

                            To capture  beading tempest

                                      In her gently lapping womb,

                            Still fairies  silence thunder

                                      Lowly stillness as a dove

                            Soars upon the one forgotten

                                      The fairy flies alone.

                                                     s.k. lindeman