Sodden stares of subway dwelling

                                           Sodden stares of subway dwelling,

                                                     lifeless callings in the dark,

                                           leaden Air that exits fancy,

                                                    weighty oxygen that sputters and chokes,

                                         clutching throat at crashing breath waves,

                                                     quagmire of eroding thought,

                                        jutting bodies, density condenses

                                                     into atmospheric knot,

                                         darkness swallows the light fairy,

                                                     tied by mass of earthen rot,

                                         angel voices, hear them crying,

                                                     strangulation of spirit’s sigh,

                                        darker voices, human bondage,

                                                     lips that lock, petrified to stone,

                                        hear the chant in the shadows,

                                                   fingers sifting chaff from wheat,

                                       thoughts captured, minced to madness,

                                                   voice the agony and the grief,

                                      see the door, open briefly,

                                                   moments a priori, have they gone?

                                     motion mandated in action,

                                                  yet breath is felt beyond,

                                    wings hidden, flap in darkness,

                                                 strangled air begins to breath,

                                     even in this lifeless prison

                                                 voices turn to gold at dawn.

                                                                                             s.k. lindeman