Forgotten Child

                                Forgotten child wandering,

                                         does your mamma

                                                 miss you now?

                                While suckling child

                                          at her breast

                                                 clamors for more,

                                While older child

                                          embraces mind

                                                 emerging intellect unfolds,

                                While wandering child

                                          counts the sand

                                                  forgotten and alone.

                                But one who knows

                                          the kernels of sand

                                                  knows each one by name,

                              And one who has counted every star

                                          has seen them

                                                  all before,

                           And one who knows

                                          each strand of hair

                                                  on each and every head,

                           This One has not forgotten

                                          the child

                                                  is not alone.

                                                                      s.k. lindeman