I know a million people

                                    I know a million people

                                          and yet there is just one

                                    I would like to get to know

                                          as deeply as the sun,

                                    That shines on the Sahara

                                          in the early morning hours,

                                    Illuminating each grain of sand

                                          and subduing the shadows.

                                    The grains of sand, a million people

                                          yet it is a particle I seek,

                                    The particle of the innerself


                                                 of which I speak.

                                   As the sands blow

                                          will I ever know

                                                 this one of whom I speak?

                                  Know all, know one

                                           it matters not

                                                 in the quiet of the deep.

                                                         s.k. lindeman