Et Tu, Brute

                                            Et tu, Brute,

                                                   I thought you were my friend,

                                           I thought you would believe in me

                                                    until the bitter end,

                                          Your disbelief, I can feel it now

                                                    where only tenderness I felt before,

                                          It follows me around these walls,

                                                    it seeps through the hole of my soul,

                                           My inner voice has grown quieter now

                                                    drowned out by your water of words,

                                           Losing your faith as a friend, my friend,

                                                    has pierced arrows into my side,

                                          So know that I loved you once, my friend,

                                                    and that love will never die,

                                         But the wings of an angel are touching me now

                                                    and I’ve got to go inside,

                                         High, high, far away high

                                                     to a land that exists within,

                                                            within and without,

                                                                     have no doubt,

                                         Someday you will see it and then,

                                                     you won’t be so hard on me then, Brute,

                                                             you won’t  be so hard

                                                                      on me then.

                                                                                      s.k. lindeman